Invitation from Norway

Post date: 22-Jun-2012 02:00:06

“Norsk Munnspillforum” (NMF), the Norwegian Harmonica Organization, was founded in 1987. This year they will be celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the organization. Their annual harmonica seminar and festival concert will be held at Klepp near Stavanger in western Norway from 28 June to 1 July 2012. King's Harmonica Quintet member Ho Pak Cheong and his 17 years old son Leo are being invited to perform at the festival concerts. The concert on Saturday 30 June will be held in a beautiful church at Utstein Kloster, while the Sunday evening concert will be held at Klepp Rådhus (City Hall) on 1 July. The father and son together will be performing Bach’s Double Concerto in D minor and Vivaldi’s Concerto for two flutes in C major, accompanied by the renowned Norwegian pianist, Ivar Anton. In addition, PC will play with the legendary Sigmund Groven on two duo works by James Moody, Sicilian Interlude and “1771”. Leo will play two solo works, Intermezzo Giocoso by Wurthner and his own arrangement of Invierno Porteno by Piazzola. He will also perform the “Duettino” by Fried Walter with the grandson of Georg Pollestad, Alexander. Last but not the least, there will be a Norway-Hong Kong harmonica ensemble collaboration on Sigmund’s own arrangement of a medley of well-loved folk-songs from the Klepp area called "Garborg-fantasi".

Here is some information about the seminar on the website of the organization Norsk Munnspillforum: