Musicarama 2006 (updated on 30 October 2006)

音樂新文化2006 (2006/10/30更新)

We are honoured to be invited by the Hong Kong Composers' Guild to present a concert at the 2006 Musicarama Festival. The concert will be held at the Theatre, Hong Kong City Hall on 23 October 2006 (Monday) at 8:00pm.

Over the past 6 years, there were more than 50 original harmonica compositions of over 450 minutes of performing time created by Hong Kong composers. As one of the pioneers in promoting and interpreting harmonica music that are being made in Hong Kong, we are very much looking forward to this concert of special significance.

Details of the concert can be found at this website.

Delay broadcast of this concert is scheduled on 28 October 2006 (Saturday) 8:00pm at RTHK Radio 4.





Workshop on Writing for Harmonica (updated on 2 October 2006)

口琴音樂寫作工作坊 (2006/10/2更新)

Mr. Hui Cheung-wai, one of the most prolific composers of harmonica works in recent years, will be conducting a workshop on writing for harmonica on 10 October 2006 (Tuesday) 8:00pm at the Tsuen Wan Town Hall. This workshop is part of the project "Understanding Composition and Contemporary Music" organized by the Hong Kong Composer Guild.


Harmonica Trio on Radio (updated on 15 October 2006)

口琴三重奏電台演出 (2006/10/15更新)

The budding harmonica trio Hui King Lam, Wong Chi Wing Wesley and So Lok Hang Tommy recorded a radio programme for RTHK Radio 4 which was broadcast on 12 October 2006 (Thursday) 8:00pm and can be heard online here. Apart from trio, each of them played a solo piece as well.


Venice Biennale (updated on 2 October 2006)

威尼斯雙年展 (2006/10/02更新)

The Hong Kong Institute of Architects in collaboration of the Hong Kong Arts Development Council will make its debut at the 10th International Architecture Exhibition of Venice Biennale. We are honoured to perform in the Opening Ceremony of the Hong Kong Exhibition in the evening of 7 September 2006 (Thursday).


RTHK Radio 4 Artist-in-Residence (updated on 12 July 2006)

香港電台第四台駐台演奏家 (2006/7/12更新)

We have the great honour to be the Artist-in-Residence for Radio Television Hong Kong Radio 4, and will be featured in 2 programmes on 13 and 20 July 2006 (Thursday) at 8:00pm, which would be repeated at 2:00pm on 20 and 27 July respectively.

The programme on 13 July is the recorded performance of two works:

The programme on 20 July is a live recital at RTHK Studio One. We have the pleasure to collaborate with distinguished musicians: Nancy Loo (piano), Tse Chun-yan (harmonica), Stephen Chau (guitar), performing the following works:

For free admission tickets, please refer to the July issue of FM Magazine or phone 2339 6425. The FM Magazine also contains an interview of us.

The two programmes can be listened online here after the broadcast: 13 July, 20 July.

Interview in Cantonese (40:55 - 49:15)

Interview in English (3rd hour, 18:10 - 45:10)

Our performance of Borodin's Nocturne from String Quartet No.2 and Dvorak's Finale of American Quartet can be heard in the beginning and end of the interview respectively.



    • 蕭斯達高維契:第三弦樂四重奏

    • 許翔威:共鳴掠影


如欲索取免費門券,請留意七月份美樂集,或致電2339 6425。今期美樂集還有我們的訪問。


廣東話訪問 (40:55 - 49:15)

英語訪問 (第三小時, 18:10 - 45:10)


Workshop on Writing for Harmonica (updated on 9 July 2006)

口琴音樂寫作工作坊 (2006/7/9更新)

Mr. Hui Cheung-wai will be conducting a workshop on writing for harmonica on 10 October 2006 (Tuesday) 8pm at the Tsuen Wan Town Hall. This workshop is part of the project "Understanding Composition and Contemporary Music" organized by the Hong Kong Composer Guild.


RTHK Radio 4 Programme Series by Mark Chan (updated on 9 July 2006)

陳錦樂主持香港電台第四台節目 (2006/7/9更新)

In the 4 weeks of July starting from 4 July at 7 - 8pm, Mark Chan is hosting the programme series "An die Musik" in which he shares his favorite harmonica music around the themes of travel, movie, reading, music. The programmes are conducted in Cantonese. Online listening is available at these links after the broadcast: 4 July, 11 July, 18 July, 25 July.



Upcoming Activities (updated on 4 June 2006)

活動預告 (2006/6/4更新)

10 June 2006 (Saturday) 2:30pm, Hong Kong Cultural Centre Foyer - performance of Hong Kong Harmonica Association Harmonica Orchestra

4 July 2006 (Monday) 7:45pm, Hong Kong Cultural Centre Concert Hall - King's College 80th Anniversary Concert

12 July 2006 (Wednesday) 7:00pm, Jireh Concert Hall, International Christian Quality Music Secondary and

Primary School - concert featuring local composition for an international seminar hosted by Hong Kong Institute of Education

5 August 2006 (Saturday), Taipei - Asia Pacific Harmonica Festival Chromatic Fantasy Gala Concert

23 October 2006 (Monday), City Hall Theatre - Musicarama 2006

二○○六年六月十日〔星期六〕下午2:30,香港文化中心大堂 - 香港口琴協會口琴樂團演出

二○○六年七月四日〔星期一〕晚上7:45,香港文化中心音樂廳 - 英皇書院八十週年音樂會

二○○六年七月十二日〔星期三〕下午7:00,國際基督教優質音樂中學暨小學 - 香港教育學院主辦國際研討會中之本地作品音樂會

二○○六年八月五日〔星期六〕,台北 - 亞太口琴節 迷戀半音演奏會

二○○六年十月二十三日〔星期一〕,大會堂劇院 - 音樂新文化2006

Top Ten Music Highlights 2005 (updated on 27 January 2006)

2005年十大樂聞 (2006/1/27更新)

The achievement of the Hong Kong delegation in the World Harmonica Festival has been selected as one of the Top Ten Music Highlights 2005 organised by Radio 4 of Radio Television Hong Kong and is ranked third in the voting, receiving 73.9% of the votes:

http://www.rthk.org.hk/special/musichighlights2005/ (in Chinese)

Listen to the Cantonese programme announcing the results:


(20:31 -28:18)





(20:31 - 28:18)

World Harmonica Festival 2005 Winners Concert (updated on 20 December 2005)

2005世界口琴節祝捷音樂會 (2005/12/20更新)

The Hong Kong delegation has achieved 5 champions (two orchestra categories, trio category, and two solo categories), 1 second prize, 1 third prize in the World Harmonica Festival. The Hong Kong Harmonica Association is pleased to present a winners concert on 21 January 2006 (Saturday) 7:45pm at the Concert Hall of Hong Kong City Hall.

For details of this trip, please visit the Hong Kong Harmonica Association website; especially recommended is the blog that contains the journal and vast collection of photos of this trip, including our performance in the Chamber Concert.