1996 SPAH Convention

Date: 20 - 24 August 1996

Location: St. Louis, USA

Two of the Quintet's members (Ho Pak Cheong and Lau Chun Bong), together with two of the best friends (and harmonica players) of the Quintet (Ho Kwong Pui, Herman and Poon Chung Keung), went to SPAH (Society for Preservation and Advancement of Harmonica) '96 Convention on 20-24 Aug 96 in St. Louis, USA. We were treated with warm reception from the SPAH officials and received numerous compliments from the participants on the music we make and the way we make it. The most unforgettable moment came when the audience gave standing ovation, not once, but twice, to our performance in the gala concert. We played Handel's Water Music, Elgar's Salut d'Amour, and two pieces of Chinese music: Butterfly Lovers' Concerto and Spring Festival Overture. Our sincere thanks to everyone who has been in SPAH '96.