Interview by Hong Kong Music Institute (updated on 10 February 2002)

香港音樂專科學校訪問 (2002/02/10更新)

In the evening of 18 October 2001, we had a 4-hour long in-depth interview by Miss Mok Po Yin, an editor of the publication of Hong Kong Music Institute "Music Companion". The interview was subsequently recorded in an article (written in Chinese) appearing in the 82nd issue of "Music Companion" published in December 2001. The article is titled "An interview with King's - a name that creates history for harmonica".

We are glad to share the article.

二○○一年十月十八日晚上,我們接受香港音樂專科學校刊物「樂友」的編輯莫寶賢小姐訪問,訪問長達四小時,內容十分詳盡。訪問稿刊於二○○一年十二月出版的第八十二期「樂友」,題為「訪問『英皇』 — 為口琴創造歷史的名字」。


Performance in Hong Kong Music Institute Annual Concert (updated on 10 February 2002)

香港音樂專科學校周年音樂會 (2002/02/10更新)

We were invited to perform in the 51st Anniversary Concert of the Hong Kong Music Institute scheduled on 5 July 2001 (Thursday) 8pm at the Hong Kong City Hall Concert Hall. Due to the approach of typhoon, it is rescheduled on 17 December 2001 (Monday) at the same time and venue. Our programme includes selections from Hui Cheung-wai's "We All Grew Up In Hong Kong - A Kaleidoscopic Suite" and Scherzo from Dvorak's Piano Quintet Op.81. Our Resident Pianist Nerissa Yeung joined us in the performance.


    • 許翔威:「我們都在香港長大」音樂卷集選段

    • 德伏扎克:A大調鋼琴五重奏,作品八十一:諧謔曲

King's College Harmonica Band 50th Anniversary (updated on 10 February 2002)

The King's College Harmonica Band celebrated her 50th anniversary by presenting a concert on 14 December 2001 (Friday) 8pm at the Hong Kong City Hall Concert Hall. The harmonica orchestra consists of 77 current members and ex-members of the King's College Harmonica Band. Highlights of the programme include:

  • the first-ever commissioned work for harmonica orchestra "Jubilee Overture" composed by Hui Cheung-wai

  • the appearance of the guitarist Stephen Chau in Castelnuovo-Tedesco's Guitar Concerto No.1


    • 首度為口琴樂團而寫的委約作品「禧年序曲」,由許翔威創作

    • 結他手周啟良與口琴樂團合作演奏泰廸斯高第一結他協奏曲

Chinese YMCA Harmonica Orchestra Concert (updated on 9 December 2001)

中華基督教青年會口琴演奏會 (2001/12/09更新)

Date: 30 December 2001 (Sunday)

Time: 8pm

Venue: Hong Kong City Hall Theatre

Tickets: $80 and $60 available at URBTIX





Programme highlights 重點節目:

    • Prelude - Kriesler

    • Canon - Pachelbel

    • Slavonic Dance No. 8 - Dvorak

    • Cradle Song - Jacob

    • Russian Dance - Jacob

    • Concerto for Harmonica - Spivakovsky

    • Concerto for Harmonica - Arnold

Performance in Hong Kong Hospital Authority Charity Concert (updated on 18 November 2001)

香港醫院管理局慈善音樂會 (2001/11/18更新)

Our members Ho Pak-cheong playing the treble harmonica, who is an orthopaedic surgeon in Prince of Wales Hospital, together with Johnny Kuan playing the bass harmonica, and Lee Sheung Ching playing the chord harmonica, performed in a charity concert organized by the Hong Kong Hospital Authority Charitable Foundation. The concert was staged on 31 October 2001 (Wednesday) at the Hong Kong Cultural Centre Concert Hall. The concert also featured the renowned pianist Kong Xiangdong, violinist Takako Nishizaki, singer Jacky Cheung, and Hong Kong Children's Choir.

The trio performed the following music: Ritual Fire Dance, El Choclo (Tango), Valsentino, Horse Racing.



Appearance in Radio Programme (updated on 18 November 2001)

香港電台訪問 (2001/11/18更新)

We were interviewed by Radio 2 of Radio Television Hong Kong at 8:00-8:30pm, 18 September 2001 (Tuesday). Please listen online (in Cantonese, starting from 3' of the 2nd hour; music starts from 11' [Pachelbel's Canon] and 20' [Kiss of Fire]).

我們於九月十八日〔星期二〕晚上八時至八時半接受香港電台第二台訪問。 請網上收聽〔廣東話對話,第二小時的第三分鐘開始;音樂於第十一分鐘 [Pachelbel's Canon] 及第二十分鐘 [Kiss of Fire] 開始〕。

Watani in Hong Kong (updated on 10 February 2002)

和谷泰扶香港行 (2002/02/10更新)

Yasuo Watani visited Hong Kong on 9 - 10 September 2001 to deliver recital, master class and workshop on playing classical music with chromatic harmonica.

The master class and workshop was conducted on 9 September, 7:00 - 9:30pm at Room AC1 of Hong Kong Cultural Centre and was attended by an audience of more than 100. In the master class, Mr Watani instructed 6 chromatic harmonica players of various skill levels.

The recital was staged on 10 September, 8:00pm at Ngau Chi Wan Civic Centre. Mr. Watani was accompanied by Ms. Mariko Watani at the piano. We also joined Mr. Watani in a few items. The programme is as follows:

    • Intermezzo Giocoso - Rudolf Wuerthner

    • Romanzen (3 Romance) - Robert Schumann op.94

    • The Round of the Goblins - Antonio Bazzini op.25

    • Roumanian Fantasy - Francis Chagrin

    • Canon and Gigue - Johann Pachelbel (with King's Harmonica Quintet)

    • Threnody and Russian Dance - Gordon Jacob (with King's Harmonica Quintet)

    • Rumanian Folk Dance - Bela Bartok (with King's Harmonica Quintet) (encore)

    • Malaguena - Ernesto Lecuona

    • Oblivion - Astor Piazzolla

    • Invierno Porteno - Astor Piazzolla

    • Toledo - James Moody (encore)

Photos of this visit can be found in the Tom Lee Music Company website.



    • Intermezzo Giocoso - Rudolf Wuerthner

    • Romanzen (3 Romance) - Robert Schumann op.94

    • The Round of the Goblins - Antonio Bazzini op.25

    • Roumanian Fantasy - Francis Chagrin

    • Canon and Gigue - Johann Pachelbel〔聯同英皇口琴五重奏〕

    • Threnody and Russian Dance - Gordon Jacob〔聯同英皇口琴五重奏〕

    • Rumanian Folk Dance - Bela Bartok〔聯同英皇口琴五重奏〕〔加奏〕

    • Malaguena - Ernesto Lecuona

    • Oblivion - Astor Piazzolla

    • Invierno Porteno - Astor Piazzolla

    • Toledo - James Moody〔加奏〕


Performing Tour in Japan (updated on 12 August 2001)

日本之旅 (2001/08/12更新)

We have returned from the performing tour in Japan. This is the second time we perform in Japan since our overseas debut in the 1995 World Harmonica Festival in Yokohama.

We arrived at Atsugi, the home town of harmonica in Japan on 3 August 2001 (Friday). On the next day, we performed in the gala concert of the Atsugi Summer Harmonica Festival, together with harmonica masters from Taiwan, Malaysia, Korea, Japan and Israel.

In the evening, all the participants of the festival enjoyed the firework display which has been a tradition for 55 years. On 5 August 2001, we moved to Tokyo to present a harmonica lecture concert, featuring the full spectrum of our repertoire (works by Bach, Mozart, Schubert, Dvorak, Borodin, Shostakovich and Gershwin), and highlighting recent compositions for harmonica quintet. We are honoured to have the presence of the composers Hui Cheung-wai and Mui Kwong-chiu in the concert to introduce their works to the audience.

More details can be found in the website of All Japan Harmonica Federation.






Concert on 31 July 2001 (updated on 18 August 2001)

二○○一年七月三十一日音樂會 (2001/08/18更新)

It has been over one year since our monumental concert in the Hong Kong Arts Festival 2000. We are now delighted to present another major concert on 25 July 2001 (Wednesday) 8pm at the Hong Kong City Hall Concert Hall. Despite the typhoon which causes the concert to be postponed to 31 July 2001 (Tuesday), the concert was attended and well received by an audience of over 800.

The concert featured 3 new commissioned works by 3 local composers Chan Ming-chi, Hui Cheung-wai and Mui Kwong-chiu. It also featured an unprecedented attempt in our collaboration with our resident pianist Nerissa Yeung to present Dvorak's famous piano quintet in full.

After the concert, the composer Chan Ming-chi was interviewed by RTHK Radio 4 (in Cantonese, starting from 26:30).

The programme of the concert is as follows:

Schubert: String Quartet No.7 in D Major, D.94

  • Allegro

  • Andante con moto

  • Menuetto: Allegretto

  • Presto

Chan Ming-chi: Allegro in Four Colors - Ma On Shan (commissioned work, world premiere)

  • Winter (Flicker, Lonesome) [Black]

  • Spring (Fog and Mist, Head On) [Blue]

  • Summer (Dreamland, Wind) [White]

  • Autumn (Rippling, Distant) [Gold]

Hui Cheung-wai: Resonant Snapshots (commissioned work, world premiere)

  • A Doctor After Surgery

  • A Poet In Meditation

  • A Scientist Behind The Telescope

  • A Diplomat On Vacation

  • An Ecologist With Aqualung

Mui Kwong-chiu: Hong Kong Landscape Suite (commissioned work, world premiere), with Resident Pianist, Nerissa Yeung

  • Introduction

  • The Embankment Off the Golden Coast

  • Color Rain

  • Spectacular Night

Dvorak: Piano Quintet in A Major, Op.81, with Resident Pianist, Nerissa Yeung

  • Allegro, ma non tanto

  • Dumka: Andante con moto

  • Scherzo (Furiant): Molto vivace

  • Finale: Allegro

A pre-concert talk has been conducted on 19 July 2001 (Thursday) 7:30pm at the Hong Kong Cultural Centre. The three composers Chan Ming-chi, Hui Cheung-wai, Mui Kwong-chiu introduced their new compositions for this concert and shared their views on composing for harmonica.







      • 快板

      • 流暢的行板

      • 小步舞曲:稍快板

      • 急板


    • 冬〔明滅、孤寂〕【黑】

    • 春〔夢與氣、開展〕【藍】

    • 夏〔氣勢、風〕【白】

    • 秋〔起伏、距離〕【金】


    • 手術後的醫生

    • 沉思中的詩人

    • 望遠鏡前的科學家

    • 渡假外遊的外交家

    • 潛在水裏的環境學者


    • 引子

    • 黃金海岸的長堤

    • 彩雨

    • 繽紛夜


    • 從容的快板

    • 悲歌:流暢的行板

    • 諧謔曲〔富里安舞曲〕:甚快板

    • 終曲:快板


Updated Repertoire (updated on 12 August 2001)

更新曲目 (2001/08/12更新)

Our repertoire has been updated with the 8 new compositions of Hui Cheung-wai, Mui Kwong-chiu and Chan Ming-chi since late 1999.


Mid-summer Harmonica Week (updated on 16 July 2001)

仲夏口琴周 (2001/07/08更新)

New links (updated on 8 July 2001)

新連結 (2001/07/08更新)

The links page is updated. Major new additions include:


All Japan Harmonica Federation and Asia Pacific Harmonica Festival 2002


Pete Pedersen now has his own website.


New website of King's College Harmonica Band.





Pete Pedersen



More Harmonica Featured in the Media (updated on 28 June 2001)

口琴特寫電視節目 (2001/06/28更新)

Television programme "May Children's Heart Be Filled With Music" (in Chinese: 樂滿童心) produced by Radio Television Hong Kong and presented in Cantonese was broadcast on 3 June 2001 (Sunday) 9:00-9:30 am at Home Channel, Asia Television, Hong Kong.

The two local harmonica bands of King's College and Hotung Secondary School were featured in this episode.


Harmonica Featured in the Media (updated on 13 May 2001)

口琴特寫電台節目 (2001/05/13更新)

Radio programme "Music of Our Time" (in Chinese: 音樂前線), presented in Cantonese

12 May 2001 (Saturday) 10:00-11:00 pm

Radio 4, Radio Television Hong Kong, FM97.6-98.9

In May, local composer Hui Cheung-wai has selected several subjects of his own favorite for this series of radio programme: movie, harmonica, guitar and piano. They are all very close to our daily life, yet they possess some innovative characteristics that are rarely touched upon in concert hall and radio programmes.

Harmonica would be featured in the 12 May programme. The title of the programme is "The Young Contemporary Harmonica Music". The handy chromatic harmonica has only appeared on the stage of serious music in the past century and is still in its infancy. In view of its unique structure and tonal quality among other musical instruments, it deserves more attention in the history of contemporary music with the original works written for it. Compared to other well-established music instruments, there has been less forward-looking exploration made on chromatic harmonica. While this can be understood, this is exactly an area awaiting people to explore.

Original Chinese introduction of the programme can be viewed here.

Listen online now - even if you don't understand Cantonese! Just listen to the music! You can refer to the following programme (starting time of each piece in square bracket):

    1. Vaughan Williams: Romance [2:17]

    2. Gordon Jacob: Divertimento for Harmonica and String Quartet

        • First Movement: March [9:20]

        • Third Movement: Siciliano [10:48]

        • Fourth Movement: Scherzhetto [13:13]

        • Eighth Movement: Jig [15:12]

    3. Villa-lobos: Harmonica Concerto, First Movement [17:17]

    4. James Moody: Little Suite, Second Movement: Scherzino [26:07]

    5. Malcolm Arnold: Harmonica Concerto, First Movement [29:31]

    6. Yasuo Watani: Fantasy Etude [34:20]

    7. Hui Cheung-wai: Scent of Poetry (for harmonica quintet and harp) [38:13]

    8. Mui Kwong-chiu: Autumn Landscape Suite, First Movement: Red Leaves (for harmonica quintet, sheng, harp, piano and percussion) [45:34]

電台節目 音樂前線


香港電台第四台 FM97.6-98.9


    1. Vaughan Williams:Romance [2:17]

    2. Gordon Jacob:Divertimento for Harmonica and String Quartet

        • 第一樂章:March [9:20]

        • 第三樂章:Siciliano [10:48]

        • 第四樂章:Scherzhetto [13:13]

        • 第八樂章:Jig [15:12]

    3. Villa-lobos:口琴協奏曲,第一樂章 [17:17]

    4. James Moody:Little Suite,第二樂章:Scherzino [26:07]

    5. Malcolm Arnold:口琴協奏曲,第一樂章 [29:31]

    6. 和谷泰扶:Fantasy Etude [34:20]

    7. 許翔威:詩境書香〔為口琴五重奏及豎琴而作〕[38:13]

    8. 梅廣釗:秋山紅葉組曲,第一樂章:紅葉〔為口琴五重奏、笙、豎琴、鋼琴及敲擊樂器而作〕 [45:34]

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To better serve the Chinese community, the Chinese web pages have undergone major enhancements. Start from the new Chinese home page to explore more. In the future, it is intended to release news in both English and Chinese at the same time.

Updated Biography (updated on 1 May 2001)

The long-overdue update to our biography is finally here!

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